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West Hunsbury

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West Hunsbury is a large housing estate in the south of the town of Northampton, 2 miles (3 km) from the town centre, 1 mile (2 km) from the M1 motorway, junction 15A and 2 miles (3 km) from junction 15. It is part of the Hunsbury residential area, which also constitutes East Hunsbury east of Towcester Road. "Shelfleys" is the original name for the area and still appears on signs and maps. The area is part of the Borough of Northampton. The area was developed in the 1980s and 1990s as part of the expansion of Northampton.

There is a modern church, St Benedicts, Church of England, and shops including a small supermarket, estate agents, post office, pharmacy and a pub, "The Ironstone", in Hunsbury Hill Road. On the same site there is also a health centre. In the car park for the Hunsbury Hill Country Park there is now a small cafe called "The Drover's Return" named after the ancient Drover's Pathway which leads through the park

Opposite the shop area is an area of sheltered housing grouped around a small community centre used for social events and meetings. Hunsbury Hill is the site of an Iron Age hill fort, dating from ca. 400BC, the area is now part of Hunsbury Hill Country Park. The area around was also extensively mined for ironstone between 1880 and 1921 and a section of the railway used to transport the material remains in use for demonstration purposes together with a museum.[4]

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14 Spotted Ladybird (Propylea Quattuordecimpuntat) seen in West Hunsbury
A Canada Goose on Wooton Brook
A common dandelion seen in West Hunsbury
A family of Grey Lag Geese on Wootton Brook in West Hunsbury, Northampton
A female Beautiful Demiselle Damselfly in West Hunsbury
A footbridge over the Wooton Brook Stream
A Fox hunting in West Hunsbury during daylight hours
A heron fishing on Wootton Brook in West Hunsbury
A Japanese Maple Leaf in Autumn Colour
A Moorhen at Wooton Brook in West Hunsbury
A pair of Canada Geese on Wootton Brook
A Seven-spot Ladybird at Wootton Park
A shoal of roach fish in Wooton Brook in West Hunsbury
A Steam Crane at the N.I.R.T in West Hunsbury
A young foal resting in a field in West Hunsbury
Alphabet Day Nursery, West Hunsbury, Northampton
Autumn in Hunsbury Park, Northampton
Autumn Reflections at Wootton Brook
Central Area of Hill Fort at Hunsbury Hill Country Park
Corn Field in West Hunsbury
Dog Rose Flower seen in West Hunsbury
Elderberries seen in West Hunsbury
Entrance Gate to the Northampton Ironstone Railway Trust Museum
Entrance to central area of Hunsbury Hill Camp
Family walking through Wooton Brook Park
Footpath by the side of Wooton Brook in West Hunsbury
G-CHLE a CAMERON A-160 Balloon on one of its first flights caught over West Hunsbury
Hawthorn Berries in West Hunsbury
Hawthorn Bud in West Hunsbury
Hawthorn Bush in West Hunsbury
Hunsbury Dental Care
Hunsbury Hill Bank and Ditches in the Country Park
Hunsbury Hill Country Park Entrance
Hunsbury Hill Country Park in West Hunsbury
Hunsbury Oak Tree
Hunsbury Park Football Pitches
Hunsbury Park Wooded Copse Scenes
Image 12
Iron Age Hill Fort Sign at Danes Camp
No.28 Bus in West Hunsbury, Northampton

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