Ventilated Fruit Van B875760


Covered Fruit and Vegetable Wagon - Ventilated Fruit Van B875760

This standard 12 ton goods van was designed to carry fruit and vegetables. Speed was essential for carrying fresh produce to market and many freight trains ran overnight. Fruit and vegetables went to London's Smithfield market and flowers to Convent Garden.

Vents and scoops drew in air into the moving wagon which helped keep the contents cool. The interior contains folding shelves, which allowed air to circulate around the crates, baskets, sacks or barrels. This was common practice until refrigerated vans became available.

This wagon was built in Darlington in 1957 to a design that had hardly changed in a hundred years. Its small size enabled it to fit in the goods sheds and sidings where fresh produce was handled. The 'XP' on the side of the wagon shows that it could be used in express trains. Its continuous vacuum brake and screw couplings allowed it to run at higher speeds.