Rickets Mineral Wagon 12986


 Wooden Bodied Coal Truck - 12 ton Ricketts mineral wagon 12986

This is an example of the most common wagons that were used on the railways until the 1950's. It was used for carrying all types of goods and could be covered with a tarpaulin cover to keep the contents dry.

Wooden wagons like these were often privately owned, many by collieries and coal merchants. During the second world war, many were requisitioned for war work and were literally used until they fell apart. Wagons owned by large London coal merchants Rickett & Cockerell; had their wagons branded as 'Ricketts' and were regularlu used to transport coal on the Brill branch line.

This wagon ended its working life as a coke carrier with Laporte Chemical Industries and was fitted with higher sides. Its original number and history is unknown. After the war, these wooden wagons were replaced by latger steel-bodied 16 ton mineral wagons.