LSWR 2-4-0 Well Tank 0314 (BR 30585) "Beattie" Steam Locomotive at Buckinghamshire Railway


The London and South Western Railway (LSWR) 0298 Class or Beattie Well Tank is a class of British steam locomotive. They are 2-4-0WT well tanks, originally built between 1863 and 1875 for use on passenger services in the suburbs of London, but later used on rural services in South West England. Out of a total production of 85, two locomotives have been preserved in an operational condition.Two of the locomotives have survived and are preserved. Number 298 (later renumbered 30587) is owned by the National Railway Museum and is loaned to, and normally based at, the Bodmin and Wenford Railway. Number 314 (30585) is owned by the Quainton Railway Society and is normally based at their Buckinghamshire Railway Centre. "Beattie" was built in 1874 by Beyer Peacock and was one of the locomotives built to work suburban trains out of Waterloo. These locomotives were fitted with large wheels and had a good turn of speed. This was required so that the capacity of the lines could increase as the populations in the suburbs grew.

Water was carried in tanks underneath but their small capacity limited the distance they could travel before having to take on more water. They were replaced in the 1880's by larger side tank engines and transferred to branch line work. After several rebuilds, this locomotive survived in service until 1962 and is one of the oldest locomotives owned by the centre.