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Buckinghamshire Railway Centre

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Buckinghamshire Railway Centre is a railway museum operated by the Quainton Railway Society Ltd. at Quainton Road railway station, in the far depths of "Metro-land", about 5 miles (8 km) west of Aylesbury in Buckinghamshire. The site is divided into two halves which are joined by two foot-bridges, one of which provides wheelchair access. Each side has a demonstration line with various workshop buildings as well as museum buildings.

Buckinghamshire Railway Centre is rail-connected because Quainton Road station is on the Network Rail freight-only line (formerly a mainline used jointly by the Great Central Railway and the Metropolitan Railway through the Metropolitan and Great Central Railways Joint Committee) which connects Aylesbury with the Bletchley to Oxford cross-country route at Claydon (LNE) Junction. This allows Chiltern Railways to operate occasional shuttle trains from Aylesbury to Quainton Road on Buckingham Railway Centre open days.

At the north-west corner of the site are the terminal buildings of 1851 from Oxford Rewley Road railway station transplanted here in 2002 to serve as reception, visitor centre and display building.

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"Millom" Steam Engine 1742 at Buckinghamshire Railway
"Thomas the Tank Engine" model train display at Buckinghamshire Railway
16 Ton Mineral Wagon at Buckinghamshire Railway
A young train enthusiast cooking breakfast on a shovel at Buckinghamshire Railway Centre
A young train enthusiast on the footplate of the "Red Dragon"
BR Class 115 unit 51886+59761+51889 "Aylesbury College Silver Jubilee 1987"
BR(WR) 94XX Class 0-6-0PT No. 9466 approaching station at Buckinghamshire Railway
British Rail Class 04 No. D2298 at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre
China Clay Wagon at Buckinghamshire Railway
Dublo Model Train Display at Buckinghamshire Railway
Engineering Shed at Buckinghamshire Railway
Fireplace display area in cafe at Buckinghamshire Railway Centre
Footbridge at Buckinghamshire Railway Centre
Fowler 0-4-0DM No. 20067 Osram at Buckingham Railway
Goods Van AD47271 at Buckingham railway
Guards Brake Van B557
GWR 0-6-0 steam locomotive as 'The Red Dragon' on display at Buckinghamshire Railway
GWR 0-6-0 steam locomotive as 'The Red Dragon'.
Hibberd 0-4-0DM No. 3765 "Tarmac"
Hunslet 0-4-0 WD 849 at Buckinghamshire Railway Centre
LNWR Dining & Sleeping Carriages at Buckinghamshire Railway Centre
LNWR Dining & Sleeping Carriages at Rewley Rd Station
London Transort Passimeter at Buckinghamshire Railway
London Transport Brake Van no. B557
London Underground 062 Northern Line Display at the Buckinghamshire Railway Museum
London Underground 062 Northern Line Maps at the Buckinghamshire Railway Museum
London Underground CO/CP Stock unit 53028+013063+54233
LSWR 2-4-0WT 0298 Class no. 0314 (British Railways 30585)
LSWR 2-4-0WT 0298 Class no. 0314 (British Railways 30585) steaming at Buckinghamshire Railway Centr
Man Powered Pump Trolley at Buckinghamshire Railway Museum
North British Locomotive Company 0-6-0T "Coventry no. 1". also "Thomas" on Thomas days
Old Hornby Model Train Examples at the Buckinghamshire Railway
Old Pram Display at Buckinghamshire Railway Museum
Old Station Building at Buckinghamshire Railway Centre
Platform 2 and 3 at Buckinghamshire Railway
Preserved Wagon at Buckinghamshire Railway
Rickets Mineral Wagon 12986
Royal Mail Van at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre
Sentinel Waggon Works 0-4-0 no. 9537 "Susan"
'Shoc' vans were used for transporting glass or other breakables.  The body is 12" shorter than the

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