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Bradgate Park is a public park in Charnwood Forest, in Leicestershire, England, just northwest of Leicester. It covers 850 acres (3 km²). The park lies between the villages of Newtown Linford, Anstey, Cropston, Woodhouse Eaves and Swithland. The River Lin runs through the park, flowing into Cropston Reservoir which was constructed on part of the park. To the north-east lies Swithland Wood. The park's two well known landmarks, Old John and the war memorial, both lie close to the 200m contour.[1]

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Bowling Green Spinney in Bradgate Park
Bradgate House in Bradgate Park near Leicester
Bradgate Park walkers looking towards Leicester
Bradgate Park, (near Leicester)
Bridge acroos the River Lin in Bradgate Park
Crag in Bradgate Park, Leicestershire
Day Trippers to Bradgate Park get close to nature - including the local deer.
Distant view of the War Memorial in Bradgate Park
Fallow Deer in Bradgate Park shafted with sunlight
Hiker walking towards Hallgates Gateway
Kite flying near "Old John" in Bradgate Park
Looking North to the Elder Plantation
Male fallow deer in Bradgate Park
Male Red Deer (Stag or Hart) in Bradgate Park
Old John - Close Up looking from the direction of the old Stables
Old John and the War Memorial Monument in Bradgate Park
Old John and War Memorial Monument in Bradgate Park
Old John as seen from the Sliding Slump Breccia Rocks
Old John Folly in Bradgate Park
Old John Folly in Bradgate Park seen from the Sliding Stone Enclosure
Old John folly in Bradgate Park, Leicestershire
Old John in Bradgate Park as seen from water hole
Small Copse in Bradgate Park
Stag Fallow Deer in Bradgate Park
The head of the "Bowling Green Ally" in Bradgate Park
The War Memorial Monument in Bradgate Park
View from "Old John" across to "Tyburn"
View from Tyburn Rocks across to Leicester City
Walkers descending from "Old John" folly in Bradgate Park
Walkers in Bradgate Park
Young fallow stag deer in Bradgate Park

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